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Asialimo FAQ

Q: What if I cannot locate my chauffeur?
A: Please contact our 24/7 service team at +86 21 53580168 or info@asialimo.com for immediate assistance.

Q: Do you have English-Speaking drivers?
A: Of course! We have English-Speaking drivers in many metropolitan cities in Asia.

Q: How do I make bookings?
A: Just send an email to info@asialimo.com and we will reply shortly, 24/7.

Q: What happen after I make bookings?
A: We will send you booking confirmation via email. A few clients might not able to receive our confirmation emails

sent from our booking system. If you send us a reservation and do not hear anything back within 2 hours, please contact us

at info@asialimo.com or +86 21 53580168 immediately for the status of your booking.

Q: How is the final cost calculated?
A: We offer flat rates for in-city airport transfers, and hourly rates for as-directed services. All our rates are

all-inclusive, which already includes for parking, toll, GST, etc. The final cost is determined based on

the actual usage of the trip. We normally would send you an invoice within 12 hours after the job completes.

Q: Do you handle large events?
A: Yes we do. We provide transportation, shuttle, greeting and other related services for large events. Our dedicated

project team will work with you to plan the logistics ahead of time and coordinate throughout the project.

Q: How will the passengers be picked up at the airport?
A: Drivers will wait at the arrival hall after baggage claim with a pickup sign.